My real estate business philosophy is really quite simple – do the right thing.

It’s the basic Philosophy of Reciprocity. I will grow my business by helping my clients, putting their interests first, doing what is in their best interest when buying or selling a home, and by cooperating with other Realtors. Because I provide great value and service to my clients and help them accomplish their goals, they reciprocate in kind — gladly recommending my services to others.

Doing the right thing also means understanding and acknowledging how the misfortune of one person can affect others. Today, especially, the repercussions of a foreclosure have far-reaching consequences on families, financial institutions and neighborhoods. As a Realtor, I work to protect everyone with fair appraisals, innovative real estate marketing and insightful advice based on over 20 years experience in the real estate industry.

Many Realtors strategize against their competition — I embrace them. To me, all the real estate agents in our community are part of the same team, each of us working to define our own business model to best accomplish our goals. I am committed to being kind, helpful and cooperative with all agents because it best serves the interests of my clients and the professional integrity of the real estate industry.

Ultimately, making a difference is more important than making a dollar.

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